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Goodspeed data service brings global internet on the go directly to your smartphone.

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Keep it simple.

Global mobile data connectivity with one international SIM and one app.

We take care of the connections, so that you can focus on making the most of your travels.

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Why Goodspeed GO?

Global internet on the go with easy one-time set up

No more looking for Wi-Fi or disposable prepaid data cards.

Pay-per-use with no contract

Use when you need data. You decide!

No more SIM switching

Use side by side with your own SIM card in selected dual SIM smartphones.

Plenty of data with fair policies

Buy as many day passes as you need and use data without us limiting your speed.


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Best value for data with simple and transparent pricing.

No more unexpected roaming costs. Always $4.99 for each {{$parent.$}} MB day pass in all Goodspeed destinations.

Simple steps to getting Goodspeed GO

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Goodspeed GO application
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Use your favourite apps, just like at home.

Stay online on social media and messaging apps. Navigate and find your way around with online maps and transport apps. Explore your destination and find things to do and see.

Great travels are made with good connections.

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For the connected business traveller.

You can also set up Goodspeed GO service for business use. Travel with a secure global data connection and succeed in daily activities with your team, all the while using your favorite work and social platforms.

Staying in touch with clients, colleagues or the ones at home becomes easier when you always have internet on the go.