Goodspeed starting a new era with roaming-free voice calls

  • Goodspeed global broadband is set to expand its service to voice
  • The voice service will be accessible via a Micro USB Microphone connecting to Goodspeed hotspot

1st April, 2015 - Oulu, Finland. Uros today announces it is set to expand Goodspeed, the international mobile broadband service, to voice. Goodspeed has been eradicating data roaming charges in over 60 countries, and now it also covers phone calls to favourite local or international numbers.

Goodspeed voice service will be accessible via additional, Flexible Micro USB Microphone that connects straight to the Goodspeed hotspot’s USB port. The hotspot can then be used to make local and international calls over Goodspeed data connection, that is without the need to use a mobile phone or pay for roaming.

The Goodspeed Mic features a flexible, gooseneck cable for easy microphone positioning. The Goodspeed Mic is incredibly convenient to use. Like with the Goodspeed hotspot, there’s no need to install any software. Just plug the mic in and you’re ready to have your call. The Goodspeed Mic does not require any external power supply either.

Goodspeed mic and windshields

The microphone comes with a Beaver Black faux fur windshield, which is specially designed to reduce wind or any undesirable background noise when making calls in outdoor settings. Now you can have your conference calls wherever you like without interference.

Swap windshields in different colours and patterns are available for anyone wanting to make a statement. The colours include Goodspeed Orange, Puffy Pink, Lady Leopard, Bad Boy Blue and Rubious Red, to mention just a few.

Tommi Uhari, CEO of Uros says, "Goodspeed’s global data network has been expanding at a phenomenal rate. It has been almost too easy, so we started to think that why stop there when we can make the impossible possible. Goodspeed is the first mobile hotspot ever that can be used for voice calling without using a mobile phone. This is the beginning of a new era for sure!"

The Goodspeed Mic and swap windshields will be available for purchase from as official Goodspeed accessories during this April. Pre-orders and inquiries can be made by email from .