Goodspeed international Wi-Fi now provides low cost data roaming in the Baltics

  • Goodspeed extends coverage to the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • 1GB of data daily for just €5.90
  • Goodspeed spells the end of data roaming bill shock for international travellers

3rd February, 2015 - Oulu, Finland. International travellers can now enjoy low cost, high speed, secure mobile internet in the three Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through the Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi service. Spelling the end of data roaming bill shock, the Goodspeed service now covers 64 countries including China, Western Europe, U.S.A., South and Latin America, Canada, Russia and major destinations in Asia.

The Baltic region of Northern Europe is fast emerging as popular business destination with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania ranked in the top 25 friendliest countries in the world to conduct business1. These European Union member countries are renowned for they advanced information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure with Estonia described as the most wired country in the world.

Doing business in Baltics

By charging a predictable and transparent €5.90 a day for 1GB of data, business people travelling to the Baltic countries are safe in the knowledge they can remain productive without receiving a huge data bill. The average business person consumes 300MB of data per day, so the 1GB offered by Goodspeed is more than enough to stay connected and carry out a full day’s work.

Uniquely, the Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi hotspot features nine SIM card slots so frequent international travellers don’t have the hassle of swapping SIM cards when entering different countries. Goodspeed can also accommodate the user’s own local SIM card and destination SIMs can be purchased from prior to travelling.

Goodspeed mobile hotspot enables international business travellers to create a private WLAN network, allowing up to five devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, to share the data connection. Goodspeed offers three service plans - Lite, Pro or Business. For more information on these plans and the Goodspeed personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot please visit

1: World Banking Group, Doing Business rankings, June 2014

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