Setting new standards for data roaming: Get global internet access at the cost of a frappuccino with Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi service

Since its launch in September 2012, the Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi service has gone through a major transformation from a European service provider to a global player that provides busy travelers with wireless internet access at the cost of a frappuccino.

Goodspeed mobile broadband was launched with a handful of destinations in 2012. In May 2013 Goodspeed included already 9% of the earth’s landmass; now the service covers 56% of the globe. The Goodspeed service is available today in 60 key business destinations across the globe, including the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Russia, China and Europe.

Goodspeed coverage

Goodspeed Wi-Fi service covers now 56% of the globe.

From the very beginning Goodspeed has offered generous data allowances to travelers who need their wireless internet connection to work as seamlessly abroad as it does at home – and at reasonable prices. Although the data prices within the European Union will be cut again as of July 1st to €0.20 (or £16p) per Megabyte, the cost of roaming still remains high for those who depend on staying connected to get things done. Goodspeed has long since set its own standards for connectivity costs by offering high-speed internet connection with data rates starting at €0.006 per Megabyte. The same applies also outside the European Union. The daily data allowance of 500-1000MB, is available at the cost of a frappuccino, from €5.90.

For Goodspeed and its customers the year 2014 has already brought positive changes – and not only in terms of savings or service coverage. This spring a new version of the Goodspeed hotspot software was released, which further enhances the usability aspects of the service. The Goodspeed hotspot that enables the service is not only faster to connect and easier to use but also more informative and visually appealing.

Video about accessing the internet when on the road using the Goodspeed mobile hotspot.

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