Goodspeed mobile hotspot now available on a 24-month contract

  • Introduction of new payment option helps small businesses and frequent flyers predict data roaming costs
  • Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi service delivers high speed, low cost internet access for international travellers
  • A fixed rate for up to 1GB of data per day eradicates bill shock

5th September, 2014 – Oulu, Finland The cost of using data to stay in touch when abroad can be one of the biggest travel costs for businesses and individuals, especially outside of the EU. Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi service from Uros has been obliterating data roaming pains since it launched in 2012. It offers high speed, low cost and secure internet access around the globe, with up to 1GB of data – more than enough to carry out a productive days work while abroad.


To help small businesses and frequent flyers predict and manage data roaming costs, Uros is now introducing a new hotspot payment option under the Pro plan. New Pro subscribers have a possibility to get the Goodspeed hotspot together with the monthly service for €19.90 a month (or £16.99 or $29.99) on a 2-year contract. As previously, with the Pro plan the day passes start from €5.90 (or £4.90 or $7.99) providing access to up to 1GB of data a day when travelling.

Tommi Uhari, CEO of Uros says “The confusion surrounding the cost of data roaming is not only a problem for large corporations but particularly for small businesses and frequent flyers. We already offer a choice of three flexible price plans but by introducing another new option under the Pro plan we aim to help SMEs and individuals easily predict budgets for their business trips - there are no upfront costs with the new Pro plan option. It allows Goodspeed users to stay connected wherever they are so they can be productive and stay in touch abroad without the threat of bill shock.”

The Goodspeed service now covers 60 countries around the world, including key business destinations in Europe, Asia, U.S., China, India and Russia with more regions being added every month. The compact Goodspeed hotspot device can accommodate up to nine SIM cards, including the user’s local SIM, while subscribers can purchase additional destination SIM cards direct from, prior to travelling.

Goodspeed can also create private WLAN network for the work team, friends and family, allowing connection of up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs.

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