Affordable data roaming at its easiest

Goodspeed Roaming App offers low-cost mobile data globally for those who want to keep it simple. One smartphone, one roaming app, one SIM card.

{{ctrl.destinations.count}} countries

around the world where you can stay connected without roaming bill shock.

{{ | currency: ctrl.currency}} per day pass

in all our destinations. Flat-rate data to save you from unsolicited surprises.

{{}} MB of data

per day pass with an unlimited number of refills for only {{ | currency: ctrl.currency}} each.

Instant in-app activation

Activate the best data roaming deals before your trip. Just a quick sign-up to the Goodspeed Roaming and the flat-rate data roaming service will be available the next time you need it on-the-go.

Connect and roam with one tap

Once you’re abroad the app will suggest connecting with Goodspeed Roaming. If you’re happy with Goodspeed’s day pass offer, just say Yes and start saving on data roaming charges right away. Your regular number will stay available for making and receiving voice calls at your usual roaming rates, and for data you’ll have an affordable high-speed connection in {{ctrl.destinations.count}} countries.

Transparent billing in your control

Goodspeed Roaming App is there to make your roaming experience smooth and carefree. You’ll be able to use your favorite applications anywhere in the world and not worry about the cost. Goodspeed Roaming keeps track of your data consumption in real-time and asks each time another day pass is needed. The choice is always yours.

Goodspeed Roaming available in selected ZTE Blade smartphones

ZTE Blade V8 Lite with Goodspeed Roaming

The 8.0mm slim Blade V8 Lite with metal finish highlights a data saving function and a security feature that encrypts pictures, SMS and other sensitive documents to protect your privacy. The 5-inch screen with beauty camera and HDR images together with factory installed Goodspeed Roaming App make this smartphone the perfect travel companion.

See manufacturer’s site for detailed technical specifications on ZTE Blade V8 Lite.