Goodspeed for Business

Simple, secure and seamless connectivity anywhere in the world. The global Goodspeed 4G mobile hotspot provides low-cost mobile roaming data to keep your company travelers connected.

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Substantial Savings

No overage fees, no roaming bill shocks. Flat rate mobile data solution with savings up to 90%

Instant Data Access

Get online at the push of a button. Instant Wi-Fi connection without searching for public Wi-Fi or local SIMs

Secure Connection

Your personal, protected wireless network access always at hand. Find more info on our security features and VPN support in Tech Specs

Web-Based Management Tools

Centralized connectivity management with admin tools and statistics for every hotspot, all under one account. No software installations needed

Real-Time Cost Reporting

Keep track of data usage and connectivity costs on a daily basis. Up-to-date insight, no waiting until end of the month

Goodspeed is a great product and connecting is very easy. When you come off a plane, you just click a button and you're ready to send emails, use the internet, Skype for Business, WhatsApp or corporate applications like SAP and Sharepoint systems. Thanks to Goodspeed we have moved from limited use of mobile phones and relying on hotel Wi-Fi to constant connectivity also when travelling. The service coverage is impressive and the savings substantial. The savings on mobility expenses abroad have been remarkable. Also the travellers have been happy with the reliable and easy internet access that Goodspeed offers. Our monthly roaming expenses have dropped around 33 000€ with our top management and frequent travellers using Goodspeed. It’s impressively easy to use and the coverage is wide. Exceptional service! Our CIO data costs went from 1000€ per month to less than 200€, and Goodspeed manages the SIM cards so we don’t have to worry about any of that. Goodspeed is in use with our top travellers, like Sales Managers and employees working in erection sites overseas. The administrator tools are user-friendly and the customer support works excellent.

How to Get the Goodspeed Service


Sign Up

Create your company Goodspeed account to manage your subscription. Invite team members, set data limits, view usage reports and manage destinations as you please.


Customize and Order Hotspots

Get any amount of Goodspeed mobile hotspots (á {{$parent.$ctrl.calculateDeviceStartingPrice($parent.$ | currency: $parent.$ctrl.selectedPlan.currency}}) with a unique set of destination countries you want to have in each device. Or select the most urgent ones and get more destinations when needed.


Start Saving on Roaming

Once you receive your Goodspeed mobile hotspot you're ready to start saving on your company roaming expenses.

Plan features


Easy international internet access for busy travelers to enjoy the world fully connected. Stay in contact with family and friends from day one, just the way you do back home. No hassle, no roaming fees. Freedom at the push of a button


Simple and secure wireless data access for all mobile employees in the company. Manage the global network connectivity of your business travelers and get detailed info on consumption and costs in real time

Monthly Fee

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min 5 units

Day pass

- {{$parent.$ctrl.calculateDayPassStartPrice($parent.$ctrl.availablePlans.traveller) | currency: $parent.$ctrl.selectedPlan.currency}} / 250MB From {{$parent.$ctrl.calculateDayPassStartPrice($parent.$ | currency: $parent.$ctrl.selectedPlan.currency}} / From 250MB


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Supported Goodspeed Hotspots

1 Unlimited

Own SIM Cards

1 Unlimited

Goodspeed Destinations

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Goodspeed Mobile App

Centralized Device Management

Usage Statistics

API Access to Data


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First-Class Customer Service

Connectivity is our passion and our most important task is to keep your people online wherever they are. Should you run into any technical issues please check our frequently asked questions. For additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact our customer support. Many issues can be solved remotely in a matter of moments. You can reach us at +44 (0)2036084754 (UK) or or our support chat below.


"UROS customer support has proven to be highly responsive, knowledgeable, flexible and solution driven in cases where support is needed."

Stefan Van Bakel Global Executive Support, NXP Semiconductors

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