Why do operators love Goodspeed?

Goodspeed allows people to use unlimited Internet when they travel for a daily fee of typically 5.90 EUR.

At Uros, we've met dozens of mobile network operators when identifying the ones to partner with the Goodspeed solution.

Consumers have an assumption that operators want to take their money. They also believe that operators want to take ALL their money when they travel. This belief builds from bad experiences of bill shocks when travelling - when using smartphone apps, a tablet with a SIM card or connecting your computer with a dongle - the prices are actually quite outrageous.

We have learned of a different view. It's just very difficult for operators to change the current pricing. That's where Goodspeed helps. There are more than 200 countries in the world. Each of the countries has a number of operators, on average four, resulting in more than 800 operators in the world. To allow the operator customers to visit other countries, operators have made bi-lateral agreements for roaming.

Bi-lateral means two-way. It means that every operator has to agree with every foreign operator. If all the 800 operators in the world make an agreement with the 800 operators outside their country, about 800*800/2 = 320 000 roaming agreements need to be made. In reality operators typically sign about 200 roaming agreements. That’s just 800 * 200 = 160 000 agreements.

At Uros we have learned that operators can't change the current roaming pricing. It's just too complicated as it involves so many agreements. Operators like to work with Uros and Goodspeed, because we enable the operator to offer a great way for their customers to use unlimited Internet while travelling. And the operator doesn't need to worry about the lacking 160 000 roaming contracts.

We think data roaming is like Gordion's knot. And that Goodspeed is like Alexander's sword.

Freedom to the people who travel!

-Tommi from the Goodspeed team