Promise for 2014: Travel more, connect more, share more. Starting with Sochi Winter Olympics

Don’t miss out on connecting and sharing your great moments just for the lack of Internet. With MiFi the choice is yours.

2014 is just starting out and bringing with it a number of mega sports events - The Sochi Olympics in February and the Football World Cup in Brazil in the summer, to mention two of the most obvious. Events like these bring people from all over the world together - professional athletes, sports reporters, hard-core fans or people just looking for an unforgettable experience. What connects these people with different agendas is the mutual desire to stay connected and share the amazing experiences with friends and family. However this can be rather tricky even though today everyone's carrying a smartphone or even more heavy weight gadgetry.

Audience filming

If you're not lucky enough to access the Wifi network dedicated to the event, can't afford the roaming charges or are too frustrated to share the same Wifi connection with 10 000 other fans, you may wish you had thought of a plan B before hitting the road.

People need Internet for working, for daily socializing and for building social identity. The requirement for an Internet connection is currently so critical that more often than not there is purposely built special Wifi coverage in real mega events. Sounds good right? But yet again too good is rarely true, at least for the spectators in this case. The dedicated event WiFi is in most cases limited to the organizers, athletes and media. In some events sponsored connections are provided by operators or other parties with a commercial interest, but unfortunately the capacity is many times too limited with respect to the demand, and therefore these networks are often really crowded.

If I cannot share my thoughts and experiences on Facebook or check-in at Foursquare, was I really even there?

Luckily today also individuals have a chance to choose for themselves when it comes to staying connected. We don’t have to settle just for what has been served to us. Having the option to grab a personal Mifi network and use and share it like you do at home, even tough on the move, brings the feeling of independency and freedom. Goodspeed provides you with your own Mifi network when travelling. It has rescued a Brit pub from Wifi loss and sure can rescue you as well. The service allows you to share your moments and also your connection with other fans at the event abroad where data roaming is pure madness and where public WiFi is not available - up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously.

The local mobile network operators are working hard to increase the cellular capacity to improve their mobile network. This means more people can use the mobile network in the same physical space. Some operators even choose to build more cellular capacity on a permanent basis, as many of the sports venues will host a number of mega events also later. The trend speeds up the evolution of telecom systems and the capacity will provide better connectivity for years to come for local operator customers as well as for Goodspeed users.

Regardless of how you do it – with Goodspeed, with sponsored or paid Wifi or with combination of the above supporting each other, being able to share the special moments in sports or other special events in our lives make them even more special. If it has been shared, it has been archived on your virtual timeline, it sure did happen and everybody knows just how amazing it was.

Goodspeed for the year 2014! May it be full of wonderful experiences to be shared!

Maarit @Uros