Top 20 Vloggers to Follow for Your Next Family Holiday

Top 20 Travel Vloggers to Follow for Inspiration for Your Next Family Holiday

The year of 2020 has been a challenge for most people due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Your plans flipped from one day to the next, especially your plans related to travelling. Yet, there is no need to cancel your trips for good.

Now, more than ever is the time to start researching and planning for your next family holiday. A great way to explore the potential destinations you have in mind is by virtually visiting them alongside some of the best travel vloggers. Watching vloggers' videos can help you get a taste of the destination you want to visit or help you decide where to go on your next journey. We developed a list for you with our favourite vloggers to follow for inspiration for your next family holiday. Perhaps you even get so inspired, that you will become a digital nomad yourself and start combining your work and future travels.

1. The Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten, also known as the Expert Vagabond, has been travelling for more than 10 years now. He has been jumping from country to country, living what people call a nomadic, care-free life. He turns any trip into an exciting adventure by opening his mind into trying new things and motivating his viewers to do the same. His videos are mostly short format and can provide you with quick inspiration for your next Journey. Beside his inspirational, adventure travel videos, Matthew is also an active blogger. His blog pages are a great source for practical travel tips where you can find information on how to find cheap flights and hotels, live life as a digital nomad, prepare for hikes and how to take better pictures during your holidays.

2. Family on Standby

Britanny and Nick plus their two daughters Everett and Olivia started a fun family vlog named Family on Standby. Plenty of people believe that once you have kids, the travelling days are over, but this set of family travel vloggers can prove them wrong. After becoming proud parents, they decided that travelling together with the kids will provide them with great experiences that will help them in their personal development. There are plenty of sources available, such as this article from the University of Nebraska supporting this ideology. Being in contact with different cultures from a young age on has been a proven strategy for parents to support the social and cultural awareness of children.

What makes these vloggers stand out compared to most family travel vlogs is that their life is certainly an adventurous one, as they only fly on standby. In other words, they only fly if there are seats available on the plane and sometimes, they don't even get to travel to where they originally intended. They teach you how to turn all travel destinations into a family-safe place to visit.

Have a look at their vlog for some exciting stories and great tips on how to travel with young children!

3. Hey Nadine

With almost 500,000 subscribers, Nadine Skyora brings her famous YouTube channel, "Hey Nadine", filled with creative videos where she offers some great travelling hacks and tips on how to get the most out of your trip. Her primary goal is to be a source of inspiration for others and to encourage them to do the same and pursue their dreams. The ideas and advice she shares on her blog are so varied that it applies to anyone who wants to travel, even to families. Nadine develops new vlogs two times per week which makes sure you don't have to run out of inspiration and gives you the feeling you can really travel with her on her journeys.

Nadine has been a YouTube vlogger for over ten years now which makes her very experienced in what she does. For her followers and vlogger enthusiasts, she has developed a 259-page e-book to share all her tips and tricks in one bundle. If you have the dream to become a travel vlogger yourself for a living or just for fun, she also offers courses on vlogging on her webpage.

Visit her vlog for some great tips and motivational stories!

4. Mr Ben Brown

One of the most well-known travel YouTubers, Ben Brown, has been an adventurer from an early age on. Since he started vlogging in 2012, he took this adventurous mindset with him. He explores his destinations to the fullest, hoping that his viewers will be inspired to do the same when they travel. He gives interesting insights whenever he visits a new place and offers useful tips for anyone who wants to travel to the same destination. If you are in the mood to just kick up your feet, relax and enjoy beautiful shot sceneries, then we advise to have a look at Ben's visual vibes playlist. For more inspiration, you can also scroll through Ben's Instagram profile containing great pictures and short stories on his adventures.

Ben's life has always been about being adventurous and pushing himself to the limits, also before he started his vlogging career. If you are interested to learn more about Ben's background, we recommend you to read the following article published by Forbes.

5. The Backpacking Family

Being parents can be an eventful journey, and this family knows just how stressful it can be. They have been backpacking for over ten years, and now with their child. Planning a trip to new travel destinations for a family is what might be the most challenging part of travelling. Thanks to years of experience, they are able to offer great advice and tips on how to plan and turn adventure travelling into fun family trips.

Just as the rest of the world, Emma, Pete and baby Bodhi are currently restricted to travel the world due to COVID-19. However, this does not mean that they are not creating any content anymore. Their COVID cookie challenge video is a fun watch for those in need of a light topic.

Join their family adventures on YouTube, and you'll see what we mean!

6. The Bucketlist Family

This family of five has earned the reputation of being one of the bravest family travel vloggers out there. Garrett, Jessica and their three kids have been travelling for almost three years straight after selling all their belongings. In that period of time, they managed to visit 50 countries within 100 weeks. They've dedicated their lives to vlogging about their crazy family adventures, encouraging other families to follow in their steps and give them a taste of what it's like to have a good case of the travel bug.

Besides building their vlog and blog pages, Garrett and Jessica are creating their own travel community called their friends club. At their friends club they offer exclusive content, you can follow tutorials and receive exclusive travel deals. They furthermore offer their own preset filters and an own developed clothing line for you and your children to travel in style. Currently, the bucket list family is enjoying their lives in their newly renovated cabin in Hawaii and waiting for the world to open up again to create new travel stories to share.

Head over to their vlogs and let them take you on their exciting journeys!

7. Fun For Louis

Louis Cole, the founder of "Fun For Louis", is one of the iconic vloggers in the travelling community. He's been vlogging for years, building a foundation of loyal subscribers and when he decided to explore the corners of the earth, his fanbase grew to almost two million subscribers. He also is the winner of a shorty vlogger of the year award recognising the quality of his vlogs. Louis posts a new vlog about his life every day making him one of the most active vloggers on this list.

His main goal in his videos is to inspire his viewers and teach travellers how to lay back, chill, and enjoy life. His way of travelling and tips are also great when it comes to travelling as a family. He is truly a modern-day travel nomad living with no permanent address and constantly roaming the globe. One example of Louis' adventures is joining a cycling tour from London to Africa documented in eleven separate vlogs on his page.

Follow his vlogs and videos and be guaranteed, you will learn all kinds of useful tips for your next adventure with your family.

8. CupofTJ

Here we have another courageous vlogger, TJ, who went from working very long days at a corporate job to selling most of her stuff and packing her life into a carry-on case. She's travelled to over 45 countries and has successfully created an online empire with tons of subscribers divided over several platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. TJ is a food lover, especially when it comes down to noodles which you often can find back in her vlogs. Besides just telling about her favourite dishes per location, TJ also provides foodie itineraries for her followers as a guide to the ultimate foodie experience.

If there is anything she can teach you, it is how to deal with unexpected changes of events, how to prepare for them, and mostly, how to unwind from the stressful life you carry back home. Enjoy these kinds of brave stories and especially interested in travelling to Asian countries? Head over to her vlog to read more!

9. Flying the Nest

This couple are true travel-addicts and have been on the go non-stop since 2015. All it took was their first one-way ticket, and since then, life for these two have been an ongoing adventure. The Australian couple behind the vlogs, Stephen and Jess have visited over 80 countries during their lives as vloggers, bringing with them almost one million subscribers on YouTube. As they have visited such a variety of countries, they have fed their fans with tons of great tips and suggestions to help make their trips more original and their experiences more authentic.

Flying the nest will be a great channel to follow for your future family holiday inspiration as they just became part of the group of family travel vloggers. With Hunter as the newest member of Flying the Nest, it will be interesting to see how their future travels will unfold.

Go watch their videos and get ideas on how to make your next trip as authentic as this couple has been able to do.

10. Indigo Traveller

Nick Fisher, mostly known as the Indigo Traveller, has been documenting his travels for years now and he has been capturing the reality and the true essence of each place he visits. Sometimes, when we hear of a specific country or city, we instantly cross it off our list due to what we have heard. Leave it to Nick to prove to you whether what you've heard is true or not, as that's what his vlog is focused on. Following this philosophy, Nick is travelling through the middle east and other less travelled countries making his vlogs interesting for the adventurous, explorer type of traveller who wants to learn more about the unknown.

Curious to know which countries Nick has visited, and are you interested in learning about destinations you might initially not put on top of your travel bucket list? Check out his channel!

11. Mark Weins

You can agree that an essential part of your trip is the cuisine. If you and your family are food lovers, then no doubt you would love Wein's food-focused travel vlog. Not only does this YouTuber with 7 million+ followers share his adventures, but he dives in deep to explore traditional and delicious food from each place he goes.

From Chinese dim sum to Lebanese Kofta kebabs, from Thai Nasi dagang to Caribbean king crab, Wein's adventure always brings mouth-watering travel experiences to you and your family even just from the screen. Visit his channel for some fascinating stories behind traditional cuisine!

12. Tastes Seoul Good

If you like your food rich in flavours, then it is impossible not to fall in love with Korean food. Another fellow food lover living in Seoul, Paul, brings us travel vlogs filled with fascinating authentic food stories from various cities: from Spicy Beef Ribs in Yangsan to makgeolli drinks in Seoul's food street, to beef galbi in Andong, to dangmyeon soup in Busan. Plus, he does an excellent job at dissecting the story behind each traditional dish of each city he visits, making the experience more real. On top of the above, his food videos can often take us to some popular local food streets and some travel sites of those cities.

Want to know what these interesting stories are? Or are you planning your next family food adventure in South Korea? Go to his channel and browse through his exciting videos!

13. Fearless and Far

Stepping away from food trips, this proud owner and creator of Fearless and Far, Mikey Corey took his life in a different direction after studying marine biology and decided to travel the world. But not to the famous wonders of the globe. He has invested his time into discovering lesser-known parts of our world, many places of which most people probably have never even planned on visiting.

His unique travel experiences such as participating in exploding hammer festivals, getting tattooed by a headhunter tattooist, and scuba diving in hydrogen sulphide would really open your and your family's eyes. His vlogs are not only filled with tons of heart-warming stories but also full of inspiration for you to plan your next unconventional vacation.

Head on over to his channel for the deepest of inspiration.

14. Sailing La Vagabonde

This sweet Australian couple, Riley and Elayna, decided to take a different approach to travel vlogging - sailing. They purchased a boat and have been travelling across all the oceans since 2014, despite the fact that they did not have previous sailing experiences. They have crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific, and they are currently even raising a child on that boat!

Out of all the YouTube travel channels, this one in particular, can show you a whole new meaning to the word "adventure". Yes, they have experienced horrible storms, challenges from pirates, breakdowns in finances, equipment failures, water shortages, and many other mishaps in sailing that you can imagine. But they have made it through them all in the past 6 years, and still continue sailing the world.

If you are planning a boat/yacht/sailing trip, have a look at their channel and let them tell you all about what to keep in your mind out on the sea!

15. Kombi Life

Ben and Leah, along with their dog Alaska, are another creative couple of travel YouTubers who decided to do something different with travel vlogging. They have been filming their travels and showing their viewers their fascinating life as full-time travellers living in a van. Their exciting adventures and encounter with all kinds of people are a great source of inspiration.

During their road trips, they sleep, wash and cook together off the grid and on the move. It is no exaggeration to describe their trips as ultimate adventures: their signature VW Kombi Bus' engine has already been rebuilt 12 times; the van has broken down on an erupting volcano; the couple has witnessed a murder and been offered class A drugs by policemen. They also have experienced a crash into a bus, being stuck in a Bolivian river, and even being trekked to the Amazon with 20 indigenous kids.

If you are into road trips, and exceptional experiences, check out their videos to get a closer look at the excitement behind van life!

16. David's Been Here

Having visited 79 countries and 1211 cities so far, the travel host, producer and social media influencer, David Hoffmann, has spent years of travelling and filming over 2,000 videos, combining travel stories and food experiences.

David does not just stop by at a new destination but, he spends a good 2-4 weeks in each country in order to get to know the country well and explore it to the fullest. His vlog is full of advice and suggestions that you will find practical.

Head on over to his site to learn more about the different countries he has lived in and to hear about all of his experiences.

17. Gabriel Morris

Gabriel is one of the most experienced travel vloggers globally. He has been going around the globe for over 20 years now, making videos and sharing his adventures with the world. This ultimate globetrotter has experienced it all. His videos and his book, Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel, gives awesome budget travel tips to both travel newbies as well as seasoned wanderers. You can find tips on how book flights, find the right hotels, get the right gear for international travels, and travel insurances.

Visit his page for the best tips that you can implement on your next journey, making it more cost-friendly yet amazing.

18. Jason Billam

This 24-year-old British traveller started his vlog journey in China during his internship at a 5-star hotel close to Shanghai. Even though the starting point of the journey only lasted 2 weeks, and with only a few hundred dollars, it did start his current life as a travel vlogger.

Not only has Jason been travelling across the world, he also has had the chance to live in some of the countries he has visited. He documents his journeys with great insights, and turns them into cinematic masterpieces, making his vlogs enjoyable as well as informative.

If you are into some adventure inspirations from a fellow GenZ's perspective, do check out his master videos on YouTube.

19. The Endless Adventure

Want a sneak peek of the lifestyle of digital nomad couples? Eric and Allison would probably be the right vloggers and bloggers for you to follow. They have an appetite for adventure, as they took the step to reset everything in their lives and left their secured jobs and lives in San Francisco behind to travel.

With just their backpacks, they have dedicated themselves to making their life stand out of all the other YouTube travel channels, as they have been travelling together non-stop and sharing the best tips and tricks they can give with their viewers.

They also share insights on the real life of digital nomads, which is not always so glamorous. They would work "at least two days of hunkering down in coffee shops" to support their one day of adventuring. But hey, they work in cafes with some most amazing views around the world.

What is it like to start over and travel the world without looking behind? Visit their YouTube channel and blog pages to find out!

20. VagaBrothers

The award-winning videographers, Alex and Marko Ayling, are the brothers behind VagaBrothers. Out of mutual curiosity for the world, their adventure started in 2012. Since then, they have filmed 200+ videos from over 50 countries.

The brothers have been aiming to explore this earth and share their experiences, hoping to bring people together despite cultural differences. Their main goal is to use travel to understand the world and help viewers to do the same. Their influence has resonated with over half a million viewers from 140+ countries.

Watch their videos for inspiration on meeting people from different cultural backgrounds.

Get Inspired, Dream and Plan Your Next Journey

Hopefully, watching vlogs from our favourite travel vloggers roaming across the globe has inspired you and made you start dreaming about the next travel destination for you and your family. Travelling might be restricted now, but the day will come that we all can discover the world again. With the current developments on vaccinations, there is hope again that we will be able to travel, and we can start dreaming already on which destinations we would like to go explore.

If you want to transform your new dreams into more concrete plans, we advise you to keep an eye on our blog posts as soon, we will be publishing tips on how to create your own ultimate travel bucket list!

- Zara & Michael @Goodspeed