Tales from the road: putting Goodspeed to the test

Working at UROS and developing the Goodspeed platform includes quite a few advantages. We get to, for example, try out the awesome latest-and-greatest technology that our engineers come up with, and to see how Goodspeed works during our travels. So I thought you might be interested to read about our recent Goodspeed experiences on the road.

Timo, our business development director, was recently travelling on a train, streaming a film on his laptop, connected via Goodspeed. Taking a glance around, he noticed another businessman, a pinstripe suit, about two seats away, also watching a video, and wondered if he was streaming it or had downloaded it prior to getting on the train.

He didn’t have to wait long – when the train crossed the border into Austria, the poor soul’s video connection crashed as he entered the coverage area of another operator. Sure, he quickly subscribed to this operator’s roaming data package, but used up his allotted data package rather quickly – he didn’t get to see the end of his film. Tragic. But what happened to Timo? Yes, Timo kept watching his film using Goodspeed with a wry grin on his face. Couldn't help it. No over-priced roaming, no data limits.

Working in the train

Timo does not need to be roaming to enjoy the benefits that Goodspeed provides. On another note, his customer told him about a recent car trip from Munich to Berlin with his family, he kept within the confines of Germany's borders, but with the kids on the backseat doing their best to drive him insane, he pulled out his Goodspeed trump card. You guessed it, he hooked the notebook up to the internet using Goodspeed and could then enjoy the rest of his 600km drive in peace, while the kids played Minecraft or something. The Goodspeed battery did not disappoint either and ran strong for the remainder of the trip.

On a recent vacation to Tenerife, I had also put Goodspeed’s battery to the test. I charged up my Goodspeed overnight together with my phone. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my spouse and I could use my Goodspeed device all day long – checking emails, social media, reading the news – without needing even a single recharge. Another bonus was that my Goodspeed didn’t heat up, kept cool, demonstrating its efficient no-nonsense performance.

My colleague Maarit really took the idea of roaming to heart, as she set out on a 10-day road trip through Finland and 10 other Central and Eastern European countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

How would Goodspeed handle so many different countries and operators? Piece of cake. Maarit’s group of four avid travelers each connected their smartphone to the internet via her Goodspeed hotspot, as well as one laptop that they shared amongst themselves.

While in the car, they were constantly online, either running navigation or keeping in touch on social media or looking up information about accommodation, places to eat or various destinations. As you can imagine, travel applications such as TripAdvisor, Agoda and Trivago were used heavily. Through it all, Goodspeed provided a fast, stable and secure connection for multiple devices – with heavy data use, but without a heart attack bill waiting for them upon their return home.

Timo, Maarit and I are examples of just how much Goodspeed has raised our standards, our quality of life, how it keeps us connected and has essentially changed the mobile connection paradigm. Being connected is now a logical progression from the barbarous "hunter-gatherer" times of the past to a new civilized age, where being online is just as natural, taken for granted, as so many other things in our world today. Goodspeed may well be a milestone in the history of mobile freedom, with information always at one's finger tips, uninterrupted by the lines on a map.

- Hanne @Uros