Roaming charge free Internet is now reality!

As our newsletter subscribers already know, we are now taking orders for the Goodspeed multi-country personal hotspot. To get your Goodspeed, go to any of the five Amazon Europe pages and click to purchase. Be among the first 500 customers to place an order and you’ll get the special Uros edition of the Goodspeed device. In Finland Goodspeed is also available from DNA stores.

  • Wireless Internet access for travellers
  • Fixed daily price, no roaming fees
  • No more searching for hotspots
  • Easy to use device with no need for manual updates or configurations

If you’re still in doubt, check the data counter on our website and find out how much you could have already saved with Goodspeed!

Come get your Goodspeed and enjoy secure and fast Internet access to stay in contact with your customers, business partners, family and friends. Where ever, when ever. So Goodspeed, my friend!

-Hanne @Uros