Race against bill shocks

Are we reaching domestic prices while using the Internet abroad? Will it be reality in the years to come? Not likely, although the European Commission has been able to regulate the common limits for data transfer pricing in the European Union. The EU price cap is currently 0,70 €/MB VAT excluded. EU regulated roaming charges will continue to decrease to 0,45 €/MB as of July 2013 and to 0,20 €/MB in the following year.

Additionally, the prior regulation already restricted monthly cut-off limit to 50 €, which has managed to reduce the amount of nasty surprises on phone bills, but not to eliminate them all together.

Commission’s data transfer regulation is just what the doctor ordered, if you habitually browse only few web sites or check your email once a day. However, if you are an average joe, you’ll probably do more than that online meaning that your data consumption per minute is currently roughly 2 MB and it is increasing continuously. At the current rate you’ll be paying 20-30 €/hour even after July the 1st 2014 while browsing the Internet. Hence your phone bill may cause a shock after just one or two hours of browsing. Furthermore, the EU regulates only the data pricing among the EU member countries. Outside the EU region roaming fees still remain extremely high.

So although the intention of the EU price cap is good, it still leaves room for better solutions to keep people connected with a fair price. That’s why Goodspeed mobile hotspot was created. With Goodspeed you can for example watch HD video or navigate with your smartphone without fear of unexpected fees. You don’t have to worry about buying SIM cards at the destination or searching for the right network. Goodspeed does it all for you automatically and you can focus on the things that really matter to you on your journey. So take a look at the current service coverage and see if Goodspeed could accompany you already on your next trip.

- Miikka @Uros