Meet the All-new Goodspeed!

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We are excited to share the news about our all-new Goodspeed solution for iPhone and iPad.

The new Goodspeed solution provides you global connectivity with just the need of an app. The Goodspeed app diminishes the need of using local SIM cards, provides full control of your own spending and offers clear data plans that work across borders. With Goodspeed, you will have connectivity across the globe, more flexibility than ever before and a solution that is designed to make your life easy and enjoy your journey hassle-free.

What makes the Goodspeed app the most convenient Internet on the go solution?

1. All In-app Global Data Plans

That's right. The Goodspeed app, just this one app, can keep you connected globally. There is no need for a country-specific SIM, or any other physical device besides your iPhone or iPad. Even the data plans in the app are not country specific and work in all covered countries.

How do we do this? The Goodspeed app is using the latest digital eSIM technology. By utilising this technology, a digital SIM will be provided, diminishing the need of physical travel SIM cards.

The Goodspeed app currently covers you in 80+ countries and regions, including some of the most popular destinations, such as: United States, France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, China, Singapore and Japan. You can find the entire list of covered destinations here. The list of supported countries will grow as our service continues to evolve.

To provide our users with clear and easy to use data plans, we have developed two straightforward options. In the next section you can read more about our data plans and how they work.

2. Two Goodspeed Data Plans

Whether you are a traveller who only needs to access the Internet occasionally, or likes to stay connected during your entire trip, Goodspeed got you covered.

To fit your travel style and data needs, the Goodspeed app offers two different data plans:

  • Economy: 1GB data plan for 9,90 EUR/ 11,90 USD
  • Business: 5GB data plan for 44,90 EUR/ 53,90 USD

Our economy data plan is designed to provide you with the opportunity to share your experiences occasionally, check your emails or read your newspapers. If you are a user who prefers to stream videos, would like to make video calls with friends and family back home or just always likes to stay connected, you can select the business data plan.

Both data plans cover you in 80+ countries and destinations, and they both are valid for 30 days from the day of activation.

You can select both data plan options in the Goodspeed app after logging in from your iPhone or iPad. Once you decide which plan and the corresponding amount of data is most suitable for your upcoming trip, you can simply purchase the data plan by clicking on the matching button. Please keep in mind that you can purchase one data plan at a time.

Goodspeed App - Two Data Plans

3. Buy Now, Use Later

To start your travels with a worry-free mind, it is a good feeling when you have prepared yourself properly and have all your arrangements set. Therefore, we created the possibility to purchase your Goodspeed data plan upfront, which gives you the freedom to activate it only when you need it.

Once you have purchased your initial data plan, it will stay visible within the Goodspeed app. On the day of departure, you can simply open the app, and activate your purchased data plan from the home view. When you start activating your first ever data plan, you will need to make sure that your device is connected to the Internet in order to download the digital eSIM on your device. When your data plan is activated, you are all set to use Goodspeed.

Goodspeed App - Data Plan Activation

After your initial data plan runs out, you can purchase your next data plan directly from the app again. In the next section, we will explain how.

4. Ran Out of Data? Simply Buy an Additional Data Plan

It could be that your need for data changes during your travels. Whether it is because your travel itinerary has changed, or your work on the road requires more data than you would initially have thought of.

With the Goodspeed app, we make sure you can always purchase a new data plan whenever and wherever you need it. You can purchase a new 1GB or 5GB global data plan after your original data plan ran out within the app.

To repurchase and activate your new data plan, no Internet connection is needed as long as you don't manually delete your digital eSIM in your settings. This gives you the flexibility to get re-connected at any covered location. No need to go back to your hotel lobby or find a coffee shop offering possible unsafe public WiFi. Just open the Goodspeed app, purchase a new data plan in-app and activate it.

5. Apple Pay

To make it easy for you to purchase your data plans, we have integrated Apple Pay as our main payment method. With Apple Pay, you can purchase your data plans in-app with the same process as you are used to from other services on your device.

Using Apple Pay as a payment method makes it possible for you to purchase your data plan whenever you need it. No need for a possible verification SMS from your local bank, which can be challenging while travelling, or no need to bring a bank identifier with you. Just a simple swipe and approval in the app during your trip in your RV, while lying on the beach or while being out fishing, and you can directly share your experiences with friends and family or connect to work when needed.

If you have not used Apple Pay before with any other services, you first need to link your bank card to your Apple account before you can purchase your Goodspeed data plans in-app. Not sure how? You can find more information about setting up your Apple Pay here.

Goodspeed App - Apple Pay View

6. In-app Blogs and Travel Inspirations

Goodspeed is more than just an app that provides you Internet access when you are travelling abroad. It can also be your travel "buddy", who keeps you updated with international travel tips and roaming trends.

The blog insights are always available for you, no matter if you are currently having an active Goodspeed data plan or not. You can find the blog section at the centre of the home screen.

Goodspeed App - Blog

The blogs usually consist of travel inspirations, themed trips, tips for saving data usage, Internet safety, and latest technology trends in global connectivity. The blog will be updated frequently to keep you up to date with the latest information. If you enjoy reading our blog topics and would like to learn more about them or if you would like to make a request for a new topic, you can always send us a message. It's important to us that you can receive the right information that brings positive experiences for each of your trips.

7.Download your eSIM Right from the App

If you had the chance to read our Beginner Guide: Everything You Need to Know about eSIM, then you probably have a good grasp of what digital eSIM is and how it works.

To provide you with a good user experience, you can download your Goodspeed eSIM directly from within the app. No need to go to your device's settings to manually set up your digital eSIM profile and no need to scan a QR code provided by email as it is the case with some other solutions on the market. How do we do that? We will explain more about the technical story behind it in the next section.

8. Automatic Provisioning

Provisioning and setting up your digital eSIM on your device can sound very technical and complicated. Therefore, we have developed an automatic process to make your user experience easy and straightforward. Our automatic provisioning method provides you with an effortless setup and activation process.

What does it mean? While using the Goodspeed app, you will be guided step-by-step to set up your digital eSIM profile including your data plan. Our automatic provisioning makes sure you don't have to manually create your Goodspeed eSIM profile in your device's setting, and it will automatically put all correct roaming settings and naming in place. A technical integration to make your life easy, so you can just enjoy your internet connection during your journey.

If you are curious to learn more about eSIM and how remote SIM provisioning works, we recommend reading the eSIM Whitepaper provided by the GSMA.

All-new Goodspeed the Global Data Solution for You?

Currently dreaming about your next holiday, planning ahead for your next business trip or in the need for a safe and secure data solution while working remotely? Our new Goodspeed for iPhone and iPad got you covered to roam globally.

You can download the app from the App store, get inspired, and be prepared for when it's time to travel again.

Great travels are made with good connections.

- Zara & Michael @Goodspeed