The Goodspeed journey: How to conquer the world in one year?

Goodspeed has come far – but how far?

Well, normally this kind of reviews are written at the end of a year – but just like Goodspeed, we at Uros are used to setting new standards. If we can provide you with a global internet access at the cost of a Happy Meal we can also write end-of-year reviews in May. Oh, and there has definitely been going on a lot since May 2013. The Goodspeed network has grown from a regional service to a truly global one.

It all started with the addition of Russia in May 2013, which transformed Goodspeed from a European into a Eurasian service. As illustrated in an infographic published in the Goodspeed blog last year this expansion is a notable benefit for business travellers due to high roaming costs outside Europe.

Timeline of Goodspeed's journey

Next up was Eastern Europe, which solidified the position of the Goodspeed service in the European market – but the two biggest players of the year were added in July and September 2013. First came China, a booming business travel destination with it’s megacities Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong - all of those three rank amongst the top ten destinations visited by business travellers. With the inclusion of the USA and Canada the Goodspeed network grew by one continent, strengthening the coverage of the northern hemisphere.

2014: Time to head south

After painting almost all of the northern hemisphere with Goodspeed’s fresh orange colour in 2013, it was finally time to trend towards the south, where it is, amongst other things, definitely warmer and cosier than here in Finland. The year started strong with the acquisition of all of South America in February 2014. A quite timely expansion as the FIFA World Championship 2014 is hosted in Brazil, now part of the Goodspeed network. So if you happen to have the chance to watch the matches live, make the most of your experience by sharing it using your Goodspeed connection.

With two launches in April 2014 we added a set of Asian destinations, amongst them Japan, South Korea and Singapore, as well as India and Australia to our Goodspeed network. This is our current coverage – and the growth rate in the last year turns out to be extraordinary:

Destination coverage growth

One year ago Goodspeed was a start-up that enabled business travellers to cut their roaming costs in Europe – now we provide Internet access on a global scale, allowing our customers to enjoy the freedom of being connected wherever they go – without worrying about nasty roaming fees.

For us 2014 has already brought astounding positive changes – but not only for the scale of our service. Last month we released a new version of the Goodspeed device software, which further enhances usability aspects of our product. Are we satisfied? Yes, but at the same time we are steadily working on improving and further expanding our service. There are more new countries waiting to join the Goodspeed network in the near future.

-Daniel @Uros