Goodspeed Roaming App bags the eSIM award. So what?

Couple of weeks ago our CEO Gerrit Jan called the Goodspeed team from Nice saying, ”I’m at MVNO Awards gala party and we’ve just won the ’Best eSIM Provisioning Provider’ category!” From the sound of him we understood that he was absolutely ecstatic. And why wouldn’t he be?! The Goodspeed Roaming App that we had been working with for months and months had convinced the telecoms industry experts with its innovativeness and contibution in providing affordable global roaming to travelers all over the world.

Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg at the MVNO Awards

Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg at the MVNO Awards gala party. Source: knect365

Nice recognition, but what does it really mean for us typical consumers? Why should we care about the latest eSIM developments? And what is that eSIM anyway?

The word ‘eSIM’ is used in various contexts within the industry. Sometimes it is referring to non-standard solutions forming a grey area that the mobile operators are not too keen on. We however work with the eSIM solution developed by the GSM Association together with operator groups and leading SIM providers. Standardized technology ensures the security and reliability of the solution for customers and all the players in the telecom industry.

eSIM is electronic and embedded into the mobile device, as well as entirely reprogrammable. The eSIM provides more flexibility to the consumer, allowing an easier transition from one network to another without having to insert any other physical SIM cards into the device. It will lead to fewer hiccups and less waiting time when transferring your mobile number from one operator to another. Physical SIM cards will surely coexist in the industry for some time, but eventually, the distribution of the physical cards will decrease.

Roaming will also be hugely affected as transparent services could allow the traveler to pick a foreign network present in their current location with just a few taps on the screen. Thus you could forget about taking travel SIM solutions or buying additional local SIM cards when traveling across borders. eSIM will make it much easier and comfortable. Consequently, eSIM might well be the highly disruptive solution that will challenge the concept of roaming altogether and take away some of the bill shock complexity as we know it today.

Goodspeed Roaming App #1 at MVNO Awards

Goodspeed Roaming App convinced the MVNO Awards jury with its innovativeness.

The Goodspeed Roaming awarded at the MVNO Awards is a prime example of a service leveraging the eSIM solution. The service consists of a smartphone, a mobile application, and a roaming eSIM card that work together to provide low-cost global connectivity for individuals who prefer traveling light. For the moment, the Goodspeed Roaming service and app are only available in the selected ZTE Blade smartphones but we are working to deploy it also to other smartphones to bring simple and affordable data roaming within everyone’s reach.

- Hanne @Uros