Freelancing abroad: online and living the dream

Our guest blogger Julio from Cuatro por el mundo has been on the road for nine months now. This is him, encouraging all the wannabe digital nomads to live their dream.

“I would also love to take a year or at least some months off to travel the world but with my work it’s just not possible” is a phrase that we often hear when we talk about our adventure.

There’s no doubt that sometimes there are many things that tie us down and prevent us from taking the leap. It might be the family situation, mortgage, security or maybe all those things together, but work shouldn’t be one of them because nowadays there are so many jobs you can do with a laptop and an internet connection only.

It’s evident that in many freelance kind of careers it is currently very difficult to find stable employment. But it’s possible to convert the problem into an opportunity and to start living the dream while financing it by doing something creative. Whether you’re a web designer, programmer or community manager, writing for some magazine or preparing your next novel, the only thing you really need is a laptop, an internet access and, of course, a big dose of inspiration.

freelancer working

Our adventure has taken us to travel the Europe for nine months and with the help of Goodspeed mobile internet service we have been able to experience what it really means to be connected wherever we go. When we left San Sebastian, Spain, in October 2013, there were some countries in Europe where the Goodspeed service was not available but as our trip proceeded new destinations were added. At the moment, practically all the countries we are planning to visit during our three-year trip are covered by the Goodspeed service.

If you need to use Internet every day the Goodspeed daily fees starting from €5.90 might seem somewhat high but if you use the connection for professional purposes the quality of the connection and the amount of data you get make it worthwhile. You might also think that hotel Wi-Fi will do just fine wherever you might stay. Well in some places it might but in many others the cost of hotel Wi-Fi is the same or even higher than the cost of Goodspeed and, in addition, it’s not mobile so you cannot move as much as you would like.

If your dream is to travel the world and you have the freelancer skills to finance the journey, add the Goodspeed mobile hotspot to your collection of must have gadgets and take the leap. The world is waiting for you!

Julio @CuatroPorElMundo