How to extend your mobile hotspot battery life

It’s the universal question that we’ve all struggled with at some point. How can I make my mobile device battery last longer? Although the Goodspeed mobile hotspot battery allows you to stay connected for up to 8 hours, there are surely situations where you would hope it to last just a little bit longer. Here are few tips to boost your mobile hotspot endurance.

For starters, let’s get the basics in order. As I explained previously it's not insignificant how you charge your mobile hotspot. The goodspeed hotspot charges fully in 4 hours if charged with its original charger. But be aware that e.g. the USB port on your laptop won't give as much power as a dedicated charger so you might need way more than 4 hours. Also, not all chargers that look the same act the same. Some are not as efficient and some are just downright incompatible. So if you want to be sure that your hotspot battery gets fully charged, use the original charger.

If you feel your device battery is not lasting as long as it should, despite it being fully charged, there are still some things you can do. Most likely there are times when you don't necessarily need the connection. Turning the device off will help with the battery life considerably. In case you don't want to turn off your mobile hotspot completely, you can limit the number of Wi-Fi devices using the connection. Many mobile phones for example use the connection even when you're not doing anything, and thus consume battery.

Another essential thing to understand is that the weaker the network signal is the more work your hotspot needs to do to maintain the connection and the more it consumes battery. So make it easy for your hotspot, if possible take it out of your bag and put it in an open place where there are no other distracting electronic devices. Ideal place would be outside or near the window if you're indoors.

Finally, what you can do to increase the battery life is to shorten the Wi-Fi range of your mobile hotspot, although in our measurements with Goodspeed it hasn't had that much effect. But on the other hand, there's no harm in trying if you anyway have your mobile hotspot near the Wi-Fi devices you use to connect to the network. This is how you change the Wi-Fi range of Goodspeed mobile hotspot.

  1. Connect your Wi-Fi device to your Goodspeed WLAN network
  2. Start your browser and enter either http://goodspeed.uros or alternatively in your browser navigation bar Goodspeed Wi-Fi settings
  3. Go to the Configuration tab and change the Transmit Power to Low
  4. Click save, and you're done

If these tricks are not enough to satisfy your battery needs, an external power bank is probably your best bet. I discussed the extra batteries briefly some two years ago but they have really developed a lot since, so I'll be compairing some of them in my future blog post. Stay tuned.

-Hanne @Uros