Essential business travel gadgets

The modern day business traveller is spoilt for choice when it comes to technology to pack for their trips. Essential devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones are the first in the bag and while these can all maintain productivity while on the move, we’ve compiled a list of gadgets you might also want to consider taking on your business trip.


Wearable tech is the ‘watch’ word for 2014, with the smartwatch leading the charge. Although this device sector is still in its infancy there are some cool timepieces out there worth considering such as the Samsung Gear 2, the Sony SmartWatch 2 and the Pebble Steel. The Samsung watch, for example, is an extension of your smartphone, allowing you to make and receive calls from your wrist. We all know business trips can also have an adverse effect on your health; the Gear 2 allows you to monitor your fitness and well-being through the watch’s built-in heart rate sensor and pedometer.

##Tablet keyboard

Although you could argue the tablet can’t match a laptop for functionality it comes close. If you’re traveling light the tablet is an ideal device for catching up on email and surfing the web when on the move; add a Bluetooth wireless keyboard from the likes of Logitech and Incase and it becomes a capable word processor, especially now the likes of the Apple iPad can view and edit documents through the Office 365 app. The newly introduced Microsoft’s Surface 3 Pro device, with its flip keyboard cover, blurs the lines between tablet and laptop further and claims to be the most portable laptop replacement ever.

Essential travel gadgets

##Portable battery charger

Using your tablet, laptop and smartphone all day will inevitably put the battery under strain and there is nothing more annoying than being low on juice while on the move and with no access to a power point. Pack a second portable battery charger and you can keep your gadgets topped up wherever you are. Depending on your gadget arsenal there are several options: iPhone users can opt for battery cases, such as Mophie and Boostcase packs, that don’t add to much bulk to your phone and provide extra protection but if you have several gadgets to charge a larger power pack from the likes of Powerocks, Hyper Juice, Innergie and Jackery would be advisable.

##Pico projector

These palm sized projectors give you the freedom to carry out an impromptu presentation. Although not as bright and powerful as standard models, an LED Pico connects to your laptop, tablet or smartphone and is simple to set up. Some models feature built-in memory and/or memory cards slots so you can easily store your PowerPoint docs. A capable Pico from the likes of Optoma, Acer or Philips will be able to beam a sharp screen size of 50-inches or bigger, more than enough real estate to carry out a presentation to a small group of people.

##Bluetooth proximity alarm

Traveling to a new destination always makes you wary to the threat of theft. When you’re out and about discovering a new city during downtime from work or waiting at an airport, your gadgets and luggage become easy targets for both professional thieves and opportunists. Get yourself a Bluetooth proximity alarm, connect it to your smartphone tablet or laptop and it will sound the alarm when your paired device goes beyond a safe distance – a lifesaver if you leave your expensive gadget behind in a restaurant or bar or someone walks off with it. Companies like hippih, Kensington and StickNFind offer great security appcessories to protect your mobile tech.

##Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

Well, we couldn’t recommend these gadgets without mentioning Goodspeed. Your tablet, laptop and smartphone are going to need to stay connected wherever you are. Our mobile Wi-Fi hotspot features nine SIM card slots – so you don’t have to keep swapping cards when hopping between countries – and you can enjoy low-cost data roaming in 60 destinations across the world. Our data amounts are generous too, between 500MB-1GB a day so you can make those Skype conference calls and download large email attachments without worrying you’re over your data limit.

-Nick @Uros