Ease for your roaming nerves in Greece

We know that during the holiday season people tend to travel abroad. And when they travel they probably also need to use data. A good Internet connection that is constantly available can let you out of many tight spots when you’re out and about in a city you’re not familiar with. Actually, Internet is like electricity. You can survive without it but it sure makes life a whole lot easier when it’s available. And when it’s not, you suddenly notice all the things you cannot do without it and might feel a bit disabled.

As the vacation season kicked off this summer, we took a look at our Goodspeed coverage map in Europe with the eyes of a holiday traveller. We thought it could be better so the first thing we did was to lower the Goodspeed daily fee for France to get you also a cup of coffee and a couple of croissants to go with your handy Goodspeed Internet connection. Then we figured we needed some more coverage, so we added Spain and Portugal among the countries where you can have the most hassle free connection ever, 'cause who wouldn’t want to send some cool holiday pics from the beautiful beaches of Spain and Portugal.

So all that happened over two months ago but something was still missing. So we had a little brainstorming and listed places where people want to spend their spare time. That’s when it hit us! People want to feel the Mediterranean breeze through their hair as they lay on the deck of a white yacht somewhere on the coast of Greece! That’s where I would want to be as I’m writing this on a crowded airplane with a heavily snoring fellow leaning on my shoulder.

So we sent our smoothest guy to Greece and he came back with an agreement. As of now Greece is available for Goodspeed Internet service at 5.90€ per day of use and you can use up to 1000MB daily. That should calm your roaming nerves on your next trip in Europe. So Goodspeed, my friend!

- Hanne @Uros