Data roaming disasters

It’s been almost two months since the roaming charges were reduced again for the EU travellers. The maximum data price for anyone from a member state travelling within the EU is now €0.20 per MB. So, what has changed? How are the real life roaming experiences now after the cuts? Let’s have a look.

Experiences on EU priced data

Data roaming for the rest of the world

Obviously the European Union roaming issues are just a drop in the sea when thinking about roaming on a global scale. These are just a few brave confessions from non-EU roamers in the past months. Clearly not many would be willing to publicly announce that they’ve messed up big time, like for thousands and thousands of dollars. Totally understandable.

So there, I think it’s safe to say that roaming issues are far from being solved. To quote a worried fellow traveller: ”For the love of god please turn off data roaming when you go on holiday people”. Or if you won’t settle for occasional connectivity, study your options before leaving.

-Hanne @Uros