EU roaming: Making sense of regulated territories

With the EU Roaming Regulation coming into effect next week on 15th of June you are probably wondering if where you are travelling on holiday is part of what the EU Regulation covers. At Goodspeed, we know this is an area of concern for many residents of the EU, and rightly so. The area that the regulation covers is not entirely obvious, even for an experienced traveller.

So, where can you roam without extra charges when the EU Roaming Regulation comes into force?

The EU Roaming Regulation covers the 28 Member States of the EU – 27 from 2019 when the UK departs – and the 3 members of the European Economic Area (EEA), which are Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. Additionally, it includes territories that are dependencies of the regulated countries in other locations around the world. The map below shows in blue tones the coverage for the regulation across the whole territory of Europe.

EU Roaming Regulation coverage

EU Roaming Regulation coverage as of June 15 2017.

Forget about what we typically think about as Europe as there are some places that have the Euro but are not part of the EU. Autonomous regions of Portugal, Spain, and France, which are more geographically in Africa or the Americas, are in scope of these regulations.

What’s in… All 28 EU Member states and

What’s out…

What does the roaming regulation mean?

Simply it means that while you are still being charged to use your mobile package when you leave your home country and travel in the EU, you will not be charged additional fees which are normally collected for using a network in another country. “Roaming Charges” are not permitted by any Roaming Supplier in the EU. Most of all if you do have a roaming package, be careful to check that your package covers where you are travelling to. Also, fair use policies and surcharges will be in place to prevent permanent roaming scenarios, as we reported recently.

Or to make life simple for your business or your family, or anyone who doesn’t have roaming subscriptions, stick with Goodspeed. You will always know what you will be charged each day, you can select exactly where you want to roam to with no bill shock surprises and our service has no dependencies on where and when regulation starts or finishes. Simply enjoy your future travels in the EU and beyond.

- Hanne @Uros