Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi

High speed, low cost and secure mobile broadband for busy travelers

Boosting productivity Always connected, always on top of the business

Goodspeed enhances efficiency abroad by letting you make the most of those brief moments of downtime on the go.

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Discover the freedom of wireless connectivity with Goodspeed

Keeping it simple Online with a push of a button

No software installations or cables required. Just you, Goodspeed and the freedom to get online whenever you feel the need.

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A true king of roaming, a terrific device that takes mystery costs away. Roaming internet access made easy. 4 stars out of 5. Goodspeed is an amazing piece of kit for the international traveller... if you’re a heavy user then Goodspeed is a superb solution that I’d highly recommend. A neat mobile Wi-Fi solution for international roamers. It is nicely built and easy to use. 4.5 stars out of 5. Where the Goodspeed really excels is how easy it is to use, the growing international coverage and the all day battery life the router offers. Awarded 8 out of 10.

Cost savings and predictability Goodspeed keeps you in budget

Stay connected wherever you go and save up to 90% on data roaming. With Goodspeed you will never worry about roaming fees again.

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